Raise the Estonian Flag in Adelaide
Eestlased Austraalias 19 Feb 2013  EWR
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To celebrate the Estonian Independence 95th Anniversary, the Estonian flag will be raised at Burnside City Council.

Where: Burnside Council, Corner Greenhill Rd & Portrush Rd, Burnside
When: Friday 22 February at 8am

Why? To Celebrate our Estonian Culture and be proud to be an Estonian in Australia or proud to be an Australian with Estonian Heritage….

Last year we raised the Estonian flag at the Burnside Council grounds on Vabariigi Aasta Påev and we proudly saw our flag flying next to the Australian flag for the next week or so... I think it was there for 3 weeks until the next National day... Come and join us to commemorate our important day in our and/or our parents history...
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