Qaddafi’s Russian Cheerleaders
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Since its creation in 2005 for the purpose of preventing an “orange revolution” in Russia, Nashi (translation: “Ours”), a Kremlin-sponsored youth movement popularly dubbed “Putinjugend,” has served its political masters loyally and without too much scrupulousness. Those who crossed the regime’s path, be they domestic opponents or foreign diplomats, could count on Nashi’s attention. In at least two cases of assault on opposition leader Boris Nemtsov — in November 2007 and in March 2009 — the attackers were identified as current or former Nashi operatives (in the latter case, during the Sochi mayoral campaign, Mr. Nemtsov’s eyes were doused with ammonia). The opposition leader was not the only target. After columnist Alexander Podrabinek criticized the decision to rename the Anti-Soviet café in Moscow at the demand of a former senior Communist Party official, his family was harassed by Nashi members who set up pickets outside their home; he himself was forced into hiding after receiving threats....

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