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Laas Leivat
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Propastop is the blog of the Estonian Defence League’s group of volunteers that monitors Russia’s trends and enduring themes in producing propaganda. In light of the NATO’s growing presence in its eastern member states, the military exercises there recently and the anticipated NATO summit in Warsaw, Moscow’s propaganda apparatus has kept the Western activities in sharp focus and created interesting counter-narratives. Some of the discourse they have advanced:
“While the Baltic states may become involved in a possible conflict, Russia has no intention of attacking anybody.” With this statement Moscow is proclaiming not only its military strength but also its pursuit of peace. It also mocks the anxiety of the Baltic states while dismissing their importance. Komsomolskaja Pravda refers to a Russian military officer who claims that Russia would have full control of the Baltic states within 60 hours of a Russian attack and states that such a claim is an insult to the Russian army. The paper insists that attacking the Baltic states is not a strategic imperative for Moscow.
``The USA is exploiting the Baltic states for its own interests.`` This is motivated by the USA`s need to oppress Russia. The USA is actively promoting an anti-Russian stance in Eastern Europe coupled with gaining the right to expand its military influence. The former Warsaw Pact countries are simply dupes in this larger geo-political game. Anti-Americanism is the corner-stone of all Russian propaganda and the USA is the underlying cause of all that the Kremlin can’t stand.
``The Baltic states use NATO for their own economic interests.`` According to this conspiracy theory, the Baltic states advance a Russophobic mood to benefit economically from the presence of NATO forces. A healthy profit can be made just from the construction of military barracks. The Baltic peoples are considered to be greedy and cunning. At the same time they`re weak demographically, militarily, economically and irresponsibly self-serving.
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