Processing manure to save the Baltic Sea
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Heli Saavalainen, Helsingin Sanomat
Riding instructor Tea Blom wheels a load of horse manure out of her stable in Klaukkala in Nurmijärvi.

The approximately 20 horses produce a lorry-load of manure each week. The yield is taken to a local producer of soil, who accepts it for free.

“Otherwise I don’t know where I would take it”, says the owner of the Luhtajoki stables.

Blom has no arable land, but she would like the manure to be put to good use.

“I could press it into pellets and warm the house with it.”

However, to do this she would need to make expensive investments, as manure is classified as waste, and waste can only be burned in a purpose-built waste incinerator.

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