Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement congratulating Canadian Forces Base Valcartier on its 100th anniversary:
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“One hundred years ago, Valcartier was established as an assembly camp near Québec City to train Canadian Expeditionary Forces for their combat role in the First World War.

“Since then, the base has gone on to train thousands of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who have fought with bravery, distinction and honour in the Second World War, Korea and Afghanistan. They have also worked diligently to keep the peace in Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Haiti and during the Cold War. Troops attached to Valcartier have also assisted Canadians here at home providing much needed support during the 1998 ice storm in Southern Quebec and the 2011 floods in Richelieu River Valley, Quebec.

“The base is home to 5e Groupe-brigade mécanisé du Canada as well as to several regiments, including the Royal 22e Régiment, better known as the 'Van Doos' – the only entirely Francophone regiment in Canada – of which I am proudly an Honorary Member. It is also home to the 12e Régiment blindé du Canada, 5e Régiment d'artillerie légère du Canada, 5e Bataillon des services du Canada and 5e Régiment du genie de combat.

“Members of these proud regiments have fought hard to ensure the peace and freedom our families enjoy today. Many paid the ultimate price over the last century.

“On this special anniversary, I would like to thank Valcartier and all of its regiments – past and present – for their tireless service to our great nation. I am confident that in the years to come the base will continue to build on both its own proud legacy and that of the Canadian Armed Forces.”
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