Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces additional Canadian support for Mexico's fight against organized crime and the international drug trade (1)
Archived Articles 10 Aug 2009  EWR
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GUADALAJARA, MEXICO – Canada is working with America and Mexico in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Canada’s new Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program will invest up to $15 million per year to support capacity-building initiatives in the Americas. Improving security is fundamental to Canada’s interests.

“Canada, as an acknowledged leader in law enforcement around the world, is contributing to the development of a well-trained and professional police force in Mexico,” said the Prime Minister. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, along with trainers from the United States and other international partners, are providing basic training to Mexican Federal Police recruits. Our government supports police training in Mexico as part of our common goal of giving police the tools they need to keep drugs off our streets and keep criminals out of our neighbourhoods.”

Mexican criminal cartels are a growing force in transnational organized crime and, in particular, the international drug trade. Supporting police training in Mexico is one of the most effective ways to fight organized crime and drug trafficking within Canada.

Through an existing program, eight Spanish speaking RCMP instructors are currently in Mexico providing basic training to Mexican Federal Police recruits. This assistance from Canada, the United States and other international partners will help Mexico implement a new federal police model to fight criminal activities.

In addition, 32 Mexican police commanding officers will be coming to Canada for three weeks this fall to receive training in police management, decision making, investigation, and intelligence skills at the Canadian Police College. To further bolster Mexican policing capacity, Canada will provide training for 300 mid-level officers. These training initiatives, to be funded by the new Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program, will also be carried out in conjunction with the United States and other international partners.

The Harper Government is working closely with Mexican and American authorities to explore other opportunities to improve police training, crime prevention and corrections capacity inside Mexico.

PMO Press Office
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