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Pronkssõdur 2007 03 May 2007  EWR
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The Baltic Federation in Canada is hosting

“Condemn Crimes of Communism” Seminar

Monday June 11, 2007 1-5PM

Lithuanian Community Centre

1 Resurrection Rd. (Bloor & Islington)


Keynote speaker

Swedish MP Göran Lindblad


Panel of eyewitnesses / dissidents

Prof. Andrew Gregorowich

Author / Politician Patrick Boyer

other Canadian politicians

Said by Mr. Lindblad at EU Parliament in Strasbourg;

“The absence of any international condemnation may be partly explained by the fact that many politicians have been close friends with communists in various countries. I believe that there is now an urgent need for that condemnation to occur once and for all. There are three reasons. The first is for the sake of the general perception. It should be clear to everyone that crimes committed in the name of communism are condemned, with no exception. Secondly, for as long as victims of communist regimes, and their relatives, are alive, there is a chance to give them moral restitution. I am keen to tell you that in this report we discussed not economic restitution, but moral restitution for those who suffered, and still suffer, under communist regimes.

Last but not least, people must be reminded that communist regimes are still active in some countries of the world. We must have this debate to ensure that Europe does not repeat the mistakes that were once made.”
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