President Toomas Hendrik Ilves’s commentary on the domestic political situation
Archived Articles 19 May 2009  EWR
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The conflict that has erupted in the ruling coalition is causing Estonia, which is searching for radical solutions for the global economic and financial crisis, to lose time and trustworthiness. Therefore, a power crisis is bad for Estonia.

An indecisive government that cannot find fast and comprehensive solutions and gets entangled in internal conflicts is just as bad.

Regardless of whether the current coalition continues in Estonia or a new ruling coalition is formed, the government must still provide a clear plan that is supported by the majority of the parliament that can help Estonia cope with the imminent budgetary crisis during this year, as well as in subsequent years.

Estonia needs a decisive, responsible and active government. This is what is what I expect, as President, from the Prime Minister and his cabinet, regardless of whether the current coalition can restore its working capacity or a new coalition is formed.

18 May 2009
Office of the President
Public Relations Department
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