President Obama: Baltic Air Policing an example of NATO’s commitment to collective defense
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U.S. Embassy, Tallinn, May 21, 2012
At the NATO Summit in Chicago, President Obama reaffirmed the value of Baltic Air Policing as a mission that demonstrates the Alliance’s commitment to collective defense.

This mission spares Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania the great expense of procuring and maintaining supersonic fightersand allows them to focus on other capabilities that add value to NATO. It also pools the resources of allies with these aircraft so that they can share cost and reinvest savings into modernizing their fleets.

The White House Press Office said in a recent statement: “NATO is a force multiplier, and the initiatives we will endorse today will allow each of our nations to accomplish what none of us could achieve alone. We can all be proud that in Lisbon we committed, and now in Chicago we are delivering.”
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