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Archived Articles 28 Nov 2008  Eesti Elu
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Yawn Temiseva. Relax, I have a plan. EP/CD SD-02 2008

Toronto artist and musician Yawn Temiseva’s second recording defies categorization – something that I am sure that the multi-talented Temiseva had in mind before embarking on this recording project. This extended play CD follows the 2005 disc “ Everything solves itself” which received considerable airplay on campus radio airwaves, climbing into many top ten lists.

Temiseva handles vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, clavinet, and “human cymbal stand” on this recording. Bo Green ably backs his vocals, Vaughn Passmore is featured on keyboards, bass, micromoog, glockenspiel, electric guitar as well as harmony vocals. Markus Temiseva rounds out the cast of supporting musicians on drums and various percussion instruments. The choice to record without a full kit adds a distinct individual flavour to the backing rhythms.

The four cuts selected for the EP showed up as being in the alternative category on my iTunes player. And that perhaps is the best way to pigeonhole these compositions – no comparison comes immediately to mind, which in turn is a sign of creative originality.

The disc was recorded and mixed by Vaughn Passmore at Invisible Sound in Toronto during August and September of this year. Yawn is responsible for the eye-catching album cover, booklet photography and design.

Temiseva, who some in the Estonian community may know as being a long-time layout designer for "Vaba Eestlane" and then "Eesti Elu", has moved on from the mundane and repetitive, stressful world of typesetting to expressing his musical dreams. The final cut, “Practicalities” expresses some of his thoughts of the world around him rather well. Word is out that Temiseva and his band-mates are considering rocking up the material and taking their act live to Toronto clubs. Their live show would include material not yet record3ed as well as from the 2005 CD. Here’s wishing them well. These compositions definitely deserve a wider audience.

For more information about the disc – and where to source it - (perhaps also updates on plans to perform), visit the artist’s websites: and[i..."pics/2008/11/21832_1.jpg", thumb="pics/2008/11/21832_1_t.jpg", w="300", h="300", p="center", c=""]
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