Postimees Emerges as Biggest Newspaper in Baltics by Print Run on Workdays
Eestlased Eestis 16 Feb 2010  EWR
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Available data on print runs show that the Estonian daily Postimees prints a greater number of copies on workdays than any other daily newspaper in the Baltic countries.

According to data gathered by the Estonian Newspaper Association from printing plants, Postimees published 59 800 copies on average in January. Daily print runs of Postimees ranged from 57 000-58 000 copies on workdays to 73 000-74 000 copies on Saturdays.

The largest daily newspaper in Lithuania, the tabloid Vakaro zinios, was printed in 50 366 copies on the average on Thursdays, its smallest weekly print run. As many as 153 266 copies were printed on Saturdays, when the paper comes out with a number of supplements, according to figures released by the Lithuanian newspaper for January. Given the big share of newsstand sales the figures for different days vary a lot in the case of the Lithuanian paper.

The second biggest newspaper in Lithuania, Lietuvos rytas, had an average print run of 44 242 copies on Wednesdays and of 136 498 on Saturdays in January.

The two top daily newspapers in Latvia are Latvijas Avize and Diena, which had average daily print runs of respectively 35 800 copies and 31 000 copies, according to figures released by the papers.

In Estonia the No. 2 after Postimees was the tabloid Õhtuleht with a daily print run of 53 900.

(Estonian Review, ref. BNS)
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