Plaisirs de l’imagination kicks off EV 90 cultural events series
Archived Articles 03 Apr 2008  EWR
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An exhibit of contemporary Estonian art entitled „Plaisirs de l’imagination” opened in France on April 2nd in the Château de Tours. It was organised in honour of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia (EV 90) by the Estonian Embassy in France in co-operation with KUMU and the city of Tours.

This exhibit is the largest collection of contemporary Estonian works ever to be seen in France. KUMU’s curator of contemporary art Eha Komissarov chose the following artists to reflect the current state of Estonian art: Dénes Kalev Farkas, Johnson & Johnson, Erki Kasemets, Kiwa, Arne Maasik, Marge Monko, Karl Nagel and Tiiu Rebane, Kristina Norman, Kaido Ole, Priit Pärn, Urmo Raus, Tõnis Saadoja, Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink, Jaanus Samma, Liina Siib, and Jasper Zoova.

Events in honour of the Republic of Estonia’s 90th anniversary will continue at the end of April and beginning of May in Lille, where Estonian Days will be held from 26-27 April.
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