Piruka Bakeoff
Eestlased USAs 11 Jan 2012  EWR
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The NY Estonian House has successfully had a "Blood Sausage Party" for many years already, thanks to Siim and Aili Vanaselja.

We have decided to expand our introduction of Estonian cuisine, and with Liisi Vanaselja's help, we announce the first annual "Piruka Bakeoff" scheduled for 28. jan 2012 @ 3PM.

The contest rules:

-3 categories of pirukad: meat, vegetables and sweet(fruit, etc)

-Pirukad must be prepared in advance, if needed they can be warmed in Eesti Maja.

-Preparers must have enough pirukad for about 30 people.

-Preparers pay no fee.

-Tasters pay a $10.- fee per person.

-Tasters will vote for the best pirukas in each category.

-Winning bakers in each category will share a prize that accrues from the door receipts.

-Preparers and tasters must register by 21. jan 2012 with Liisi Vanaselja -
- 347-683-3632)

The future plans of the NYEstoHouse include organizing similar food events in the near future -
If anyone is interested in organizing a specific food event, please contact us.
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