Pillerkaar danced for Boy Scouts
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On Saturday, November 1, 2008, Pillerkaar, Estonian Folk Dancers, danced for the National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for their International Cultural Festival in Haymarket, Virginia. Estonian was one of the rich cultures represented at this event by Pillerkaar not only with folk dance but also the teaching of Estonian culture, traditions, history, games, language, etc.

Pillerkaar dancers began the session with a 30 minute presentation of where is Estonia, how large it is, what its flag colors mean, some traditional holidays, imports/exports, its amber jewelry, some history of the country and language origins, and the teaching of counting one to ten in Estonian. There were many questions from the scouts all answered by the Pillerkaar dancers.

Dances followed with Laila Oinas and Talvar Tari performing "Jõgeveste polka"; Sirli Hill, Mauno Kork, Laila Oinas, and Talvar Tari performing "Kosjalugu"; "Härjatants" by Mauno and Jyri Erik Kork; and "Tule aga Tule" with Sirli Hill, Priit Vesilind, Laila Oinas, and Jyri Erik Kork.

Audience participation (scouts and their moms, dads, and leaders) followed with a traditional Estonian game called "Kes aias?" and dance called "Kaera Jaan". The boy scouts loved the program and Pillerkaar received a big hand along with the comforting thought that little Estonia has again illustrated its presence to the youth of America.
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