Photos from EstDocs opening night at Tartu College (2)
Eestlased Kanadas 17 Oct 2014  EWR
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EstDocs opened its 2014 festival on Thursday night at Tartu College by screening two food themed documentaries.

The Juice King
Estonian refugees have made their mark around the world, but no one fashioned a sweeter legacy than Dimitri Matiesen, the man they called "The Juice King". Matiesen got into the wine and juice business working at his uncle’s spirit factory, Lüscher & Matiesen, in Toompea. Forced to flee during the war, Matiesen found himself in Sweden, where he began from scratch and created a juice empire, producing healthy fruit juices beloved by shoppers for more than 40 years. Friends and family paint a picture of a bright, fun-loving, yet driven man, who squeezed every ounce out of life.

The Other Side of The Plate
There’s a food revolution happening in Estonia and chef Roman Zastserinski is leading the charge. His award-winning Tallinn restaurant, Moon, which translates as ‘Poppy’ in English, caters to the country’s growing number of foodies. We go inside Moon’s kitchen where the upbeat Zastserinski, fellow chef Igor Anderjev, Roman’s wife Jana and their staff prepare the day’s menu. Creating gourmet food is hard work, made even more demanding when we see the culinary team open a second restaurant.

The festival continues until Tuesday night. Please see for upcoming films.

Photos by Nicholas Jones.
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Photos by Kaarin Lupp
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