Photo competition and show 2007
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This year’s Estonian House Art Committee’s photo show will be held on Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15 at the Estonian House Art Gallery (hours: Saturday 10-4, Sunday, 12-4).

The last three years requirements regarding framing, etc. will again apply this year - photos entered may be any size with any type of frame the photographer deems appropriate. We will accept laser copies as well as photos created by using digital technology. Photos may be colour and/or black&white. This year’s competition has two themes: 1. Lines 2. People in Motion. The competition will be juried as always and the Committee decided to award separate prizes for the two themes.

Please bring your photographs to the Estonian House Art Gallery on Friday, April 13 between 4 and 7 p.m. Even though the Committee decided to award separate prizes for the two themes, the number of photos participants may enter remains the same as in previous years – a total of 4 photos. There is a participation fee of $5.00 per photo (to be used for prize money). The title of the photo plus the photographer’s name, address and telephone number must be written on the back of each photo.

For further information, please call Nora Wallner 416 445-2254 or Vaike Külvet 416 925-6552, email: .
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