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Archived Articles 09 Jun 2006 Vaike KülvetEWR
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The Estonian House Art Committee Photo Competition and Show this spring was a great success — 31 photographers participated, and with 88 entries, the Estonian House gallery walls were filled to capacity. Obviously, photographers liked the freedom of having no specific theme.
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The Art Committee, however, decided it is time again to have a more structured show and therefore, next year there will be two themes. 1. “Lines” 2. “People in motion”. “People in motion” is pretty straightforward - people walking, gesticulating, doing sports, dancing, etc. The theme “Lines” is perhaps more challenging but presents a greater opportunity for artistic expression. Still, lines should not be hard to find. Some examples would be railway tracks, architecture, wiggly lines in sand or snow (lines do not have to be straight).

The competition will be juried as always and the Committee has decided to award prizes separately for the two themes“ – that is, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for “Lines” as well as “People in motion”. The dates for the show in 2007 are April 15 and l6.

For further information, please contact Nora Wallner, 416 445-2254 or Vaike Külvet 416 925-6552, email: .
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