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Phographer Ingrid Saaliste
Eestlased Kanadas 21 Jan 2011 Vaike KülvetEesti Elu
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Ingrid Saaliste’s latest photo exhibition was held at the White Wall North Gallery in Toronto from November 28th until January 15th.. The exhibition was entitled “Unveiling the North” and on view were a number of Ingrid’s nature photographs taken mostly along the shores of Georgian Bay where she now lives.

Ingrid Saaliste is an internationally known, multiple award winning Ontario-based photographer specializing in wildlife and florals, along with expressive land and waterscapes. The focus of her photography is non-manipulated nature and travel. She makes every effort to visually capture the true reality of nature in its natural habitat and her quest is to find the unseen in the visible and aesthetically present it to the viewer. She has said of her work: “I’ve captured a moment, mixing together the colours and textures of nature, to create a passionate and unique memory of that moment, as is.” Ingrid has participated in numerous exhibitions in the past 10 years.
Ingrid’s photographs can be viewed on her website:
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