Peeter Sepp - A Retrospective
Eestlased Kanadas 17 Apr 2015  EWR
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Peeter Sepp
1935 –2007
Architect, Artist
Born : May, 30.1935 Kuressaare,
Saaremaa, Estonia.
Died : May 22, 2007 in Tallinn,
Harjumaa, Estonia.

Peeter Sepp has been a forerunner in the movement to make art more accessible and participatory to the citizens of our global village. He believed more people would enjoy the creative process, given the opportunity, for the long-term benefit of life on our planet.

To those ends, Peeter Sepp distributed low-cost art multiples by mail through the Ontario Arts Council (“artario 72”, 1972), invited public participation in audio improvisations at the National Gallery of Canada (Sounds on Wednesdays, 1978), and linked artists and non-artists in Toronto to the Venice Bienniale (Technology-And-In-Acrylic-On-Canvas-Network in 1986), through telephone lines for sound, fax, computers and slow-scan SSTV video collaborations.

Peeter Sepp founded and directed C.A.T. (Collective Art & Technology) Gallery (1982-1986) to stage and document experiments in long-distance-creativity. Using early fax machines, satellites and broadcast technology to support the development of an “inclusivist-culture”, that was emerging on the Internet.

A graduate architect, Peeter Sepp worked as an artist for the film industry and propagated the revival of finno-ugric earth-based religion in his spare time.

From 1993-2007 he served as Chair of the Hart House Film Board at the University of Toronto. Peeter worked as an architect, illustrator, painter and creator of animated shorts. The exhibition “Peeter Sepp A Retrospective” opening at the Press Gallery in Collingwood, Ontario April 18th 2015, was curated by: Tranart artist Deeter Hastenteufel.
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