Peeter Bush: My Estonian is from the days when one went to town by horse and wagon.
Inimesed 20 Feb 2011  EWR
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(Peeter Bush: minu keel on sellest ajast, kui hobusevankriga linnas käidi)

Heli Salong, Meie Maa, Laupäev, 19. veebruar 2011.
Saaremaa newspaper Meie Maa posed questions in Estonian via email to Peeter Bush, who lives in Canada but has Saaremaa ancestry - "made in Saaremaa", born in Sweden - (ed.). Peeter apologized that "he had never written as much in Estonian before", hoping that his answers were understandable and that not much editorial correction would be required.

Read the interview in Estonian here, after clicking on the link select Kultuur on the left side of the page:
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