PBS’ Wired Science on Estonia
Kuumad uudised 27 Nov 2007  EWR
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The first-season opener of the technology-science magazine examines the Internet botnet attack that targeted Estonia in April and May of 2007. The show will also include a segment on Estonian banking. Watch it tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28. In most areas, Wired Science is broadcast at 8:00 pm.

As the content was probably prepared a few weeks ago, it possibly will miss the most recent happenings in the last few days: Some Russian websites falsely (no doubt deliberately) indicated that the Estonian government is about to devalue the kroon. The result was that thousands of Russians living in Estonia (who always believe Moscow originated stories but not Tallinn originated facts) rushed to currency kiosks and exchanged their Estonian kroons for various foreign currencies. Many made unfortunate financial decisions in the process. The Estonian government states that the topic of devaluation has not ever been mentioned anywhere in government circles. This situation is another in a stream of hassles that the Russian government keeps heaping upon the former Soviet Union countries, which are now independent.

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