Pauline Browes speaks at Eesti Kodu January 11
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The Conservative candidate for Scarborough-Guildwood, former Member of Parliament and Minister of Federal Government, former teacher (not lawyer) Pauline Browes spoke to Estonians, residents of Eesti Kodu. She addressed first her days helping Estonians in the days leading up to Estonian independence, and second, where the new Conservative government is going, should they win.

"This (the corruption that has surrounded the Liberals) is not the way the government of Canada is supposed to work, this is not the way Canada is supposed to be. I have people that have come from South American countries say 'I've come to Canada to get away from corruption and now I'm hearing about RCMP investigations, inquiries about corruption.' We need a change of government," said Browes.

"The first piece of legislation that Stephen Harper has said, if we are fortunate enough to form the government, will be the accountability act, that every person is only allowed to give just one thousand dollars of money to a political party instead of thousands and thousands of dollars to gain access to a political party."

"We will have an ethics commissioner, an integrity commissioner with teeth, to be able to investigate, to gain a handle on what's going on. The Auditor General Sheila Fraser, who's done a terrific job, doesn't have the mandate to investigate grants to foundations or crown corporations."

"Secondly, healthcare is a very important issue for our country. It's a hallmark for us. We want to have medical care and we want to have it now. Not six or seven months from now. The federal government had decreased a great deal of money going to the provinces. Sure, Paul Martin had so-called balanced the books, but how had he done it? He simply took it from the provinces; we are short many millions of dollars. We have to get the money flowing back to the provinces."

"Being sure that our wait times are guaranteed. If local hospitals are not available, we may have to go to a private hospital and if that is not available we might have to go to another province or the U.S. And all of this would be paid by the government."

"We are going to reduce the GST. First from 7% to 6% and then to 5%. That will help everybody, it will help low-income families and upper scale."

"Right now you can deduct from your private pension plan only one thousand dollars. We are going to raise that to $2,000 and then to $2,500 which will be helpful in the amount of tax that you pay."

"The issue of crime is one of the reasons I have started running again is that we need some mandatory sentences for these people that insist on committing crime. Guns, gangs and drugs are all together and we deserve better we need to stop this, we need to put more policemen on the street. There are 1,000 RCMP positions that have not been filled. There are guns coming from the United States. We can not blame the United States; it's our job to prevent guns coming into Canada. And so we will put more security guards on the border and equipping those security people on the border with the tools that they need. If they need guns, like the police need guns then they'll have to have them. We have to give the tools to the security. I'm very pleased that the customs and excise union has come out in favour of the Conservative Party as the party that has the best plan to deal with the issues of the border personnel."

"On the issues of the environment, when the Government of Canada signed an environmental agreement, the Kyoto Protocol (an agreement to reduce emissions around the world), we signed on to that agreement to reduce our CO 2 emissions by 6%. What's happened, is that our emissions have gone up 26%. We have to reduce our emissions by 30% just to meet our agreement. Its unacceptable for a government to make an international agreement with no hope of keeping it."

"We need to get back to reality, accountability and integrity. I think the Conservative Party will do that. With your vote we will do that."

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