Paet: Russia attacks Estonia and the European Union DELFI (2)
Pronkssõdur 2007 02 May 2007  EWR
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Today on extraordinary press conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Mr Urmas Paet, said that Estonia and the whole European Union has fallen under a brutal attack of Russia.

Paet stated to the journalists today evening that we are dealing with an attack against the EU since one of its member states, Estonia, is being attacked through cyberspace, its embassy is besieged and opponents generate civil disorders.

The issue of the Bronze Soldier as well as vandalism is our domestic matter, but coordinated actions of Russia against Estonia are the matter of the European Union. Thus the relationship of the European Union and Russia are in an extremely difficult state. “The attack is simultaneously virtual, psychological and real”, said Paet.

Paet also stated, that Estonia has proof on the fact that cyber assaults against Estonian governmental authorities have came from IP addresses of governmental authorities of Russia.

Estonia also possesses information how the employees of the Russian Embassy met with the organizers of mass disorders on last Thursday, before the vandalism started, in the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

According to Paet, the siege of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow is even more monstrous since the besiegers are on salary: 500-1000 roubles per “working” day.

The declaration of the delegates of State Duma visiting Estonia as if militia could end the blockade in three minutes if it wanted, was, according to Paet, most impudent.

Since the embassy is also a dwelling place for the embassy workers and no-one is allowed in or out of the establishment, the current situation is even worse according to Paet.

Paet declared that in case the situation is not positively solved by 09:00 tomorrow, the embassy will terminate all consular activities including issuing of living permits and will deal only with helping of our own citizens.

The Russian TV-stations, “freedom” of which is well-known throughout the world, do not show the marauders tearing up the city and broadcast news as if Estonian police is killing people taken under custody and the Estonian military has received orders to shoot Russians. This is a most disgraceful lie, emphasized Paet.

“I assure you — we have all necessary evidence to prove these allegations”, said the Minister. Paet said that he plans to present the European Union a number of counter-sanctions to be applied. What these are exactly will be known after the Government sitting the day after tomorrow, where the propositions will be discussed. As one of the possible sanctions, Paet named the possibility of Estonia to make it hard for Russia to enter different contracts on the EU level.

“We consider it necessary for the EU to react to the behavior of Russia as severely as possible”, said Paet. “This could mean suspension of different negotiations or not starting the negotiations at all between EU and Russia. The deferral of EU-Russia Summit should be considered most seriously”.

According to Paet, Estonia has received many supportive declarations from abroad; there is no lack of kindred spirits nor supporters. Today on 1st of May, the Estonian Foreign Minister refused to meet with the Russian State Duma delegation and considers their prior demands for the resignation of the Estonian government to be a vicious intervention in internal Estonian matters.
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