Our soldiers send support for JK Jazz
Archived Articles 26 Aug 2009  EWR
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Members of the Estonian military contingent in Afghanistan in Lashkar Gah’, capital of Helmand province, photo taken on Saturday, August 22nd, also the first day of Ramadan. The contingent sent a greeting to Toronto, making reference to the support provided during a time when Estonia mourns two soldiers who were killed Sunday while carrying out their mission in Afghanistan. They emailed: “Thank you very much Estonians in Canada for your support. It is very important to us. Thumbs-up support for the JK Jazz Festival!” (original text: toetame JK Jazzi kontserte, pöidlad raudselt pihus).
On the left is Major Janno Märk, the Commander of the Estonian contingent. In the centre of the photo, third from either side, is information officer Major Ülo Isberg.
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