Our Mission - The New York Estonian House
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Our Mission - The New York Estonian House is a volunteer organization whose goal is to further Estonian culture in New York, and be a meeting place for Estonians from around the world.

Thank you for believing in the New York Estonian House and its mission. Together, we can create an even stronger community. With your donations, the NYEES can continue to keep the New York Estonian House alive -a place for Estonians from the world over who visit New York, as well as our local Estonians.
We can continue our traditional events including the Estonian School and Choirs, but we need your financial help to keep all of this working.

We hope you feel inspired to give a gift today.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support the fundraising efforts of the New York Estonian House.

Your donation is very welcome
Võrumaa noored pärimusmuusikud New Yorgi Eesti Majas

Laupäeval, 22. oktoobril
12.45 lastele (kohe peale Eesti kooli)
18.00 kogu perele

Young Folk Musicians from Võrumaa (Estonia) at the NY Estonian House
Saturday, October 22nd
12.45 PM for children (after Estonian School)
6:00 PM for all family members

Piip & Tuut New Yorgi Eesti Majas
Neljapäeval, 27. oktoobril kell 19.00
Klounid Piip & Tuut New Yorgi Eesti Majas
Haide Männimäe & Toomas Tross

Clowns Piip and Tuut at the NY Estonian House
Thursday, October 27 at 7 PM
Haide Männamäe (b.1971) and Toomas Tross (b.1966)
had performed together as a clown duo Piip & Tuut
(pip! and honk!) since 1999

Reedel, 4. novembril
Esineb Setomaa kuulus folkrockbänd ZETOD
Uksed avatud kell 17.00, bänd alustab kell 22.00
Tule ise ja võta sõber ka kaasa! Ära unusta kostüümi selga panemast!

Friday, November 04
Live performance by Seto folk rock band ZETOD
Doors open at 5 pm, band starts at 10 pm
Come and bring your friend along! Costumes mandatory!

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