Orientophobia: What we feel
Arvamus 19 May 2011  EWR
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E.L. (Edward Lucas) | TALLINN, Eastern Approaches, Economist.com
I HAVE just been at the Lennart Meri Conference in Tallinn which I feel sets the standard for security shindigs (see here for the agenda), and not only because the organisers let me chair two sessions (disclosure: they paid my flight and hotel). The theme was "Making Values Count". Topics included

• Libya: what are we in for?;
• EU Foreign Policy: Failing, Flailing or Finding Its Feet?;
• Be Careful What You Wish For: Russia's Multipolar Blues;
• Lostpolitik: Can Germany Rise to Its Leadership Challenge?;
• Russia’s Leadership and 2012: Election, Selection or Ejection?; and
• Europe's Energy Security: Geopolitics, Credibility and Corruption.

One of the highlights was a speech by the Estonian president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves (seen earlier sitting on the floor in a particularly packed session: name any other country where the head of state does that).

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