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It is with sadness that we announce the resignation of Dr. Mart Leesment from his leadership role as Chairman of the ERC, where he has served as an unpaid volunteer with vision and dignity for 22 years.
Dr. Leesment’s contributions to the ERC and Ehatare are many and have spanned some 30 years...
He began as a family doctor to many Ehatare residents dating back to the establishment of the Ehatare Retirement Home. He was asked to join the Board of ERC in the mid 1980s and immediately became deeply involved with the planning, negotiating and building of the Nursing Home addition.
He served on the Board as a Director, then Vice-Chair, and accepted the role of Chairman in 1993 with his first major accomplishment being the successful opening of the Nursing Home addition in 1995.
In 2000, following the departure of Ehatare’s Medical Director, and when no Estonian replacement could be found, Dr. Leesment accepted this further important role at Ehatare at the urging of the Board leading the medical staff with excellence and serving the residents with compassion until 2013 when a suitable replacement was finally found.
On behalf of the Board and members of the ERC and Ehatare staff, residents and the broader Estonian community that has benefitted from his many gifts, we would like to thank Dr. Leesment and his family for commitment, and selfless contributions not likely to be equalled in future.
We wish Dr. Leesment and family all the best of health, happiness and continuing success.
Raul Pumber
Chairman - ERC
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