Open Letter to Liberal MP’s Stephane Dion, David McGuinty and Maurill Belanger (4)
Eestlased Kanadas 06 Mar 2015 EKNEWR
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Dear Sirs,

As Canadians and as a distinct community within the fibre of this nation we take deep offense from your campaign to erect an office building at the Supreme Court of Canada site rather than a memorial to the victims of communism.
Close to a quarter of all Canadians trace their heritage to victims of communism who suffered great depravation and who were given safe haven by Canada in times of chaotic, historic turmoil. They and their descendants have made tremendous contributions to Canada in every sector of our society, be it in arts, and culture, athletics, industry or academia. Their story is our story. It reflects much of what makes us proud of our Canada and our history.
You have decided to campaign against appropriately remembering their struggles, and tragedies and honouring Canada as a land of Refuge, by presenting a contrived argument that the memorial is not aesthetically pleasing enough and that it is placed in a location that is too good for the victims of Communism and their memory. Although you publicly profess to support the purpose of this memorial to the victims of communism, by campaigning for the erection of an office building for civil servants in its stead, we can only conclude that you have a faint conviction in the principles and ideals upon which this memorial is being raised. By undermining this memorial with shallow, improvised rationalizations that sacrifice principle for insensitive political gamesmanship you diminish and devalue the victims’ contribution to Canada and disrespect their memory.
It is even more important now to remember these victims with the rise of Putin’s Soviet inspired military aggression, eradication and criminalization of factual history in Russia and disdain for human rights.
The memorial deserves the appropriate, respectful, and high profile location chosen. This will help future generations never forget the horrors of communism and how Canada welcomed so many of those who sought freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. If you believe, as you state, in the ideals that this memorial symbolizes, you should embrace its purpose, and aid in its success, rather than engage in a process to delay, derail and diminish.
Estonian Central Council of Canada

Markus Hess President.
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