Only Latvians and Lithuanians eat more potatoes than Estonians
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According to Statistics Estonia, Estonian resident consumes 188 grams of potatoes a day, Latvian and Lithuanian residents 274 and 234 grams, respectively. The data are based on the European food consumption database DAFNE (Data Food Networking), which since autumn 2010 also contains data on Estonia.

Consumption of fish and vegetables was also smaller in Estonia than in Latvia and Lithuania and is still continuously smaller than recommendable from healthiness viewpoint. Consumption of fruit has increased in Estonia during last years, but is still significantly smaller than for example in Southern European countries (Greece and Portugal). However, Estonian people love more and more milk products year by year. The reason here can be continuously expanding selection of milk products. In 2003, the consumption of sugar was the biggest in Estonia compared to other European countries. Here the reason may be that before joining the European Union people were afraid of price increase and stored up sugar in large quantities. For now the consumption of sugar in Estonia has stabilised and stayed on the average level of European countries. Consumption of added lipids (fats) has slightly decreased during the years and is significantly smaller than for example in Greece, who thanks to consuming olive oil is in the forefront in consuming fats among other European countries.

In Estonia the food consumption of urban and rural households differs. Urban households consume more fruit, nuts, non-alcoholic beverages, juice and olive oil. Rural households consume more potatoes, milk, cereals and meat products, also sugar and sweets.

DAFNE database ( enables to observe food consumption trends by different countries as well as inside the country by years according to education, household composition and other indicators. With regard to Estonia the data of the Household Budget Survey of Statistics Estonia in 2003–2007 have been used.

More detailed overview on trends of food consumption in Estonia is available in the report on the website of Statistics Estonia: Statistics> Subject areas > Social life > Households (
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