Only 4 months until KLENK-IEP 2015.
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The excitement starts with a "Eesti Meeskoori" concert on January 22 in Boca Raton, Florida.

It continues the following day with bus transfers from Ocean Sky Resort, for optional day of
shopping at Sawgrass Mall.

On January 24 head to Port Everglades and board the luxurious Ruby Princess for a fantastic
7 day Caribbean Cruise.

During the cruise, KLENK-IEP 2015 offers a wide variety of activities including;
Meeskoori concert, Rahvatantsu program presented by singers and dancers from Estonia,
a cocktail party, workshops and seminars both in Estonian and English, Estonian films, Yoga classes,
a piano concert, multiple nights of "Sala Kõrts and the chance to dance, sing and make and meet

What a great way to forget winter and enjoy sunshine and the charms of the exotic Caribbean.

KLENK-IEP 2015 announces the final reduced deposit/bonus booking period from September 9 to September 23. For a deposit of only $100 you can reserve a cabin of your choice and join the almost 600 other KLENK-IEP 2015 participants. For additional information and updates, please visit You may also contact our Princess representative: Susan Shark at 954-2424712 or toll free 1-888-987-8726. For assistance in English or Estonian, you may also contact KLENK-IEP 2015 at 561-409-9335.

Rein Luning
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Jan 31 2018 - Toronto Eesti Maja
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