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Stay connected with online banking!

Whether you're at the cottage, or in the Bahamas, your bank account is never out of reach!

With our online banking you can keep tabs on your vacation purchases, and even do eTransfers to your friends! Stay worry free by paying bills online, and enjoy every second of your vacation!

To set up online banking, call us in branch 416-465-4659. If you're already set up, login here:

Stay protected and purchase CUMIS travel insurance through ECU!

Cumis travel insurance is there for any unexpected accidents or emergencies. We've partnered with them to make sure you're covered, and can enjoy a worry-free trip!

Visit our website for more information, or contact CUMIS for a free quote today! 1-877-885-2847

Estonian Song and Dance Festivals

This years Song and Dance Festivals take place July 4-6 in Tallinn, Estonia. We wish all travellers a wonderful time and safe travels!

Estonian Summer Camps

Seedrioru Estonian Summer Camp begins on June 29th and continues for 4 weeks.

Jõekääru Children's Camp begins on July 13th for 4 weeks.

The Estonian Credit Union is your community banking solution! Members are our top priority, and giving you the services and products which you need and want is what we're all about. For more information feel free to call us at
(416) 465-4659 or email us at .

Visit our website at
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Did you know?

Among other things, Canadian credit unions were the first to launch full service ATMS and online banking services.
(Toronto Star)

Our Current Rates
(as of June 1 2014)

Premium Savings = 1.30%

GIC's Non-Redeemable

1 YR = 1.40%
2 YR = 1.70%
3 YR = 2.00%
4 YR = 2.10%
5 YR = 2.30%


VAR. = 1.40%
1 YR = 1.50%
2 YR = 1.80%
3 YR = 2.10%
4 YR = 2.20%
5 YR = 2.40%
Contact Information

Tel: (416) 465-4659
Fax: (416) 465-8442

In Estonia: 712-1912
Skype name: estocu
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