On Golden Pond
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Dear Editor,

Grandkids came for visit. Smart little nippers, they have picked up a lot of English since we last saw them. As usual, went for nature hike with them. Came to a pond. Saw family of ducks. Adults took flight. Little ones swam furiously for cover toward the other shore.
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- What are those, asked Triina.

- Spare parts, answered Toomas.

Next saw some frogs. On this hot day (13°C is hot in Newfoundland), they jumped fast.

- Now you see 'em, now you don't, remarked Toomas.

- Yeah, they're playing konn games, replied Triina.

By and by noted a leech undulating in the shallows. Kids don't like leeches and before I could explain that they are also creatures sharing this earth with us, one of them scooped it up and tossed it in the air. A current of wind took it away.

- Kaan with the wind, observed Triina.

- Yes, here to-day, kaan tomorrow, agreed Toomas.

Like I say, smart little nippers with good command of English.

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Vaata veel ...

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