Number of prisoners in Estonia fell by 260 in 2013
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Baltic Course, Tallinn, 07.01.2014
The number of prisoners and probationers in Estonia decreased in 2013 somewhat, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

While at the beginning of the year 2013, there were 3,286 prisoners and 6,766 probationers in Estonian prisons, by the end of the year there were 3,026 prisoners and 6,139 probationers, meaning fall by 260 and 627 respectively, the justice ministry reported.

961 prisoners and 989 probationers participated last year in social programs, on coping with addictive substances or improving social skills, traffic safety and addiction programs, versus 902 and 1,091 the year earlier.

171 prisoners studied in basic school at the start of the academic year in autumn (137 at the start of the previous academic year) and 90 prisoners studied in high schools (76). 269 prisoners studied at vocational schools (256). The number of prisoners who completed a state language course grew from 680 to 763.

Two prisoners committed suicide and 3 prisoners died because of illness last year. In 2012 there were no suicides and 5 prisoners died because of illness. No murders or manslaughters took place in Estonian prisons last year.

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