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Eestlased Kanadas 18 Jan 2016  EWR
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EKN Juhatus thanks the Valimis Komitee under the leadership of Mari Ann Tammark for their efforts in a successful election. We are pleased that the elections attracted candidates from across Canada giving our community quality representation in a central council.

We confirm the following,

1. EKN only operates under the auspices of its Põhikiri.
2. The size of the newly elected council is 37 members. This is according to paragraph 3 of the Põhikiri which prescribes that the size of the council is the number of candidates minus 5 and that the council shall have no less than 25 and no more than 40 members. There were 42 Candidates in this election, which means that the size of council is 37 (42 minus 5 ). This paragraph was also followed in the 2011 election to reach 25 members in the previous council.
3. EKN’s põhikiri has been in the public realm for the past 60 years and the present version has remained unchanged since 2001. This is the third consecutive election that has been conducted under this version of the põhikiri.
4. All Candidates signed an undertaking prior to this election confirming that they would uphold the põhikiri.

The Põhikiri is available from any candidate and in the following link.

EKN’s Juhatus wishes the new council and all 37 members the very best in furthering the success of our community.


Election results are posted here:
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