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North American Baltic Swim Meet
Eestlased Kanadas 05 Nov 2010 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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The Estonian team was very young this year ranging from age 4 to 17 with no adult swimmers in the Master's category. Swims ranged from 25m (Laas Kolga) to Emma Timusk (450m in individual events plus 100m in exhibition medley races).

Youngest swimmer was Laas Kolga who watched his brother Lief from the sidelines last year and had to get in on the action. His mother Monika tested him in a pool the week before just to make sure he was ready to swim the full length.

The Estonians enough swimmers to enter 18 events. They got first place in 13 events. Only one record was broken at the meet and this was by Estonian swimmer 12-year-old Matti MacLachlan.

Photo: The younger swimmers do stretching exercises to warm before the meet: Matti Piil MacLachlan, Laas Kolga, Lief Kolga, Monika Hutchings, Victoria Hutchings. Photo: Martin Timusk.
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