Norman-Illis Reintamm and Armas Maiste join forces to play a concerto tour de force.
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Norman Reintamm and Armas Maiste, together with their friends Robert Horvath and Kenneth Gee will present a concert on January 31 with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. This will be unique event because there will be four grand pianos on stage, together with a symphony orchestra!!

The concert will start with a single piano concerto, played by Hungarian Robert Horvath, which will be followed by a double piano concerto, played by Robert and Norman-Illis, then Armas Maiste will join for a triple piano concerto, and finally, Kenneth Gee (the Music Director of the Guelph Music Festival) will join for a quadruple piano concerto. All of these concertos have been written by J.S. Bach.

Norman-Illis Reintamm will conduct and play.

The Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra has a unique history with the Estonian community in Toronto, in that Maestro Roman Toi has lead a number of performances together with the Estonia Mixed Choir with this ensemble.

This concert will take place at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church, 4125 Sheppard Ave East, in Scarborough on January 31, 2009 at 8:00pm. Tickets may be ordered from the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra box office at 416-879-5566.

If you would like to come, please order your tickets as soon as possible as the tickets are already going quickly.
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