No Sex Please. And No Immigrants Either
Arvamus 28 May 2010  EWR
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Hungarians don’t particularly like each other, so why would they like anybody else?
Balint Szlanko, Transitions Online

Hungary is about to reach a melancholy milestone: sometime this summer, after three decades of decline, the population is set to sink below 10 million, a fall of nearly 1 million in the past 30 years.

Perhaps, in this post-nationalistic age, bereft of many illusions about the value of such things, (and recognizing that demographic decline is quite typical of advanced societies), population decline is seen as a disaster mostly on the romantic Right. Many Hungarians will tell you privately there are probably too many of us bastards as it is.

Yet surely it is still a failure, economic and social, that this most basic of urges – to reproduce – is found unfulfilled.

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