Newspapers attack crime report pull
Eestlased Eestis 04 Feb 2010  EWR
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Kai Joost, Baltic Reports

TALLINN — The Estonian Newspaper Association lodged a complaint with the interior ministry, and the Police and Border Guard Board Tuesday about the lack of information on crimes since police reports ceased being issued en masse last month.

On Jan.1. when the Estonian Police force merged to became the Police and Border Guard Board their communication bureau announced that they will no longer send out detailed information on crimes in daily morning emails due lack of personnel, but the information is still available on request.

Toomas Leito, executive director of the newspaper association said that switching back to the previous system would be better.

“Every county must receive enough information, either through the county or through Tallinn,” Leito told Baltic Reports, “The police constructed a new system, and cut the staff, which was a bad strategy.”

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