New U.S. Tool in Estonian NATO Arsenal
Eestlased Eestis 25 Oct 2010  EWR
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U.S. Embassy, Tallinn
Through a U.S. military assistance grant the Estonian Defense Forces will soon begin using the RQ-11 Raven unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). An Estonian military team recently traveled to the United States to receive training on this cutting-edge technology.

The RQ-11 Raven was originally produced for use by the U.S. military, and Estonia now joins other allies, such as Denmark, the Czech Republic and Italy in deploying this equipment for important surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Launched by hand and remotely controlled from a ground station, the RQ-11 Raven UAV can provide day or night aerial intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance and is thus a most important tool in the arsenal of the NATO allies.

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