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International University Audentes has decided to publish a collection of research papers on large spectrum of social, political, legal and cultural issues. We kindly encourage the faculty and staff members of IUA to contribute to the new collection by sending their research papers to the editors of the new collection. The collection is open for the cooperation partners of IUA, both actual and potential.

The papers submitted for the collection will be peer-reviewed by the out-standing specialists of their particular field under the supervision of international editorial board. The deadline for the submission is Nov 20th 2007.

Requirements for the articles are following:

• The article should be in English, meet the general criteria set for a research paper;
• The desirable length of the article should not exceed 15 pages in the case of font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing (or 32 000 characters, with no spaces or 4500 words);
• The references to the literature must meet the criteria of Harvard system of citation used by the most of scientific journals (see also


Prof. Peeter Müürsepp
Acting Rector of IUA,
Editor-in-chief of the collection

Please submit your research paper to: Mait Talts, academic secretary, Room 223, Tondi 55, International University Audentes, 11316 Tallinn; phone: + 372 699 6519; e-mail:
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