New book: Carrying Linda’s Stones (3)
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An Anthology of Estonian Women’s Life Stories.
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The book consists of 15 life stories of Estonian women after the Second World War, divided into three parts, five each by women who fled to the West (Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, USA and Great Britain), women who were deported to Siberia, and women who remained in Estonia, with introductions by Rutt Hinrikus, chief researcher of life stories at the Estonian Literature Museum in Tartu.

Published by Tallinn University Press and ENUT (Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre) at the University, it is an excellent source of Estonian post war political history, not only as it is related through the personal experiences of the women, but also with a chapter on Estonian history written by Ilvi Jõe-Cannon, a former Estonian-American and presently Director of ENUT. Ms. Jõe-Cannon has also recorded her mother’s story of the flight from Estonia to Germany alone with four small children on a Red Cross ship carrying wounded German soldiers. The long and dangerous journey took them through war-ravaged Germany, bombings, and shortage of food. Experiences at the deported persons’ camps are described in vivid details as is the final immigration to USA. This is but one story of one family whose father was deported to Siberia by the Soviets.

The book is edited by Suzanne Stiver Lie, Professor Emerita of Sociology at University of Oslo, the co-founder of ENUT with Eda Sepp, and wife of the former Ambassador of Norway in Estonia, Lynda Malik, Associate Professor of Sociology at Villanova University (USA), Ilvi Jõe-Cannon, and Rutt Hinrikus. The foreword was written by the American Ambassador in Estonia, Aldona Wos.

Former American Ambassador to Estonia and daughter of Estonian pre-war opera singer and film actress Militza Korjus has written on the back cover of the book: “Carrying Linda’s Stones presents an authentic and emotionally compelling record of women’s struggles to survive WWII, occupations, deportation, exile and the transition to restored independence. I can highly recommend it.”

Political analyst Paul Goble, former Special Advisor on Soviet Nationality Problems and Political Affairs, US Department of State adds on the back cover the following: "The book is certain to play a positive role in the building of civil society in Estonia and in promoting understanding of the nature of Estonian life outside Estonia. I have been studying Baltic societies for more than 30 years, and never in that period have I been more enthusiastic in recommending a book."

The first batch of books sent to Toronto quickly sold out, more have been ordered from Estonia. Price: $35.00 in Canada and USA. The books can be reserved from the estore in the Estonian House which is located at 958 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 2R6; phone 416 465-2219; email
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