New book by Olev Ott: 1941:The deportation of Estonia. Test to explain the gap in Sweden and Norway textbooks.
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The publication is one of Estonia's recent historyin a recent remarkable work - "1941: The deportation of Estonia. Test to explain the gap in Sweden and Norway textbooks. “

Author of the book Olev Ott was born in Hiiumaa, but has grown up in Sweden. A professional Swedish philologist, Ott's work is a culmination of more than 30 years as a Swedish high school teacher. This book was first published 2007 in Sweden, in Swedish. Now it is a representative book readers may also enjoy in Estonian.

In addition to research and analysis of the Scandinavian schoolbooks, the author, along with other historians, also carried out a number of interesting interviews. Perhaps most notable of these is a lengthy interview with a perpetrator of deportations (küüditaja) from Hiiumaa, Arnold Meri, but made just before his death. Their views, among other victims of repression, such as Estonian physician, Dr. Freeman, of the City of Haapsalu, Heino Noor, and a freedom fighter and teacher, Mart Niklus.

Ott, in his book examines the deportations and issues in Estonia in the widest sense. Extensive research has enabled the author to make the findings and present new substantive proposals, which are also good examples for Estonia to supplement their school curricula.

Work shall provide added value to the historical sources and references, photographs and index.

Last year, the debates became more interesting in Estonia and in Sweden, where the call came down to the crimes of Communism over the school curriculum. The human rights point of view is a natural way in which all acts of violence and executions must be disclosed for future generations. This is obviously a democratic orientation of the European countries, teaching the children to talk about the 20th century crimes against humanity. If the democratic countries are growing increasingly together to accelerate the interactive media world, which is part of the Internet, for example, it is important to provide the pupils a historical tool which is clearly based on a democratic opinion.

This book attempts to launch wider debate on the importance of shaping views and is a compass in a rapidly changing world. Many of the children described in this book could have a happy history filled with dreams but do not as their life took place in an era of subversive nonsense and emptiness. This book is aimed at the historic laxity and emptiness, which 1941 brought to the lives of millions of people. This book is also aimed at historical fabrication, which has decades of sprawl in the East as opposed to textbooks of the West.

(From the author's preface)

To purchase the book, please deposit $49.99 (which includes shipping) to Ott's Swedish Bank below.

Bank nr. Swift: SWEDSESS
IBAN SE 1980000810590641122700

For further information, please send note to:

Olev Ott
43351 Öjersjö

Or email him at
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