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Natural Environment as Inspiration for Creativity 
Non-degree course | July 16 – July 20, 2012
Teadaanded 04 May 2012  Eesti Elu
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During this summer school course, participants will learn from practical experience, how nature can inspire creativity in different aspects of human life.

Creativity as the binding theme, for thought, for body movement, and for art activities.

The course includes the following topics:

Basics of creativity: How we see creativity, how we recognize creativity inside us and around us. What inspires creativity and how we express the creative part of ourselves.
Lecturer: Stanislav Nemeržitski (MSc, Tallinn University, Institute of Arts, Department of Applied Arts). Lectures and workshops

Creativity and folklore: Folklore games and folklore dance. Why folklore? Interaction through (folklore) games can satisfy a person's different needs, e.g. social and intellectual needs, desire for activities.
Lecturer: Iivi Zajedova (PhD, senior researcher Tallinn University Institute of Arts, Department of Applied Arts, and a visiting lecturer at Charles
University in Prague)

Creating personal art objects with the help of nature: Workshops will discuss how environmentally-friendly eco-materials can be used to create an art project in nature. 
Workshops and lectures: Aili Vahtrapuu (Associate Professor, Tallinn University, Institute of Arts, Department of Applied Arts).
In cooperation with Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School, a short documentary will be produced during this summer school course, introducing the activities, methods, and cultural experience of this summer school. The documentary will be presented for competition to ESTDOCS 2012 International Short Doc film contest.


This course is suited for everyone interested in developing their creativity. The languages of the course are English and Estonian.

Course fee

250 EUR. For students 200 EUR.


Information about course content: Iivi Zajedova |
Registration, practicalities: Birgit Kirsimägi |
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