NATO fighters in Baltics scrambled 21 times last week
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The Baltic Times 2014-12-16 from wire reports
VILNIUS - Between December 8 and December 14, NATO air policing fighters protecting Baltic airspace took off 21 times to intercept Russian aircraft flying at the Baltic States' borders, according to Lithuania's Ministry of National Defence.

It is the largest number of both reaction flights per week and highest incidence of Russian military activity so far observed in the airspace in the vicinity of the Baltic States: almost 80 aircraft have been identified and intercepted over or near to Baltic airspace within a week, some of which were intercepted several times. With only a few exceptions, the aircraft had their transponders turned off.

The largest number of Russian military aircraft at the Baltic States' borders (30) were identified on 8 December. On that day, NATO fighters had to scramble eight times.

The second busiest day in terms of activity was 10 December. Then, NATO air policing fighters took off six times, in response to 26 Russian military aircraft identified.

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