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Saturday, March 24th at 5 pm

The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us

Like most Eastern Europeans, Estonians resist being called Eastern European. Francis Tapon will not only explain why he puts Estonia in Eastern Europe, but he will also explain what we c...an learn from Estonians, as well as other Eastern Europeans. His 90-minute multimedia presentation will cover the Baltic to the Balkans. He will discuss controversial topics like Estonia's Bronze Soldier, as well as what Putin's re-election means to the region. You will see hundreds of stunning photos taken from 25 Eastern European countries.

Although the event is free, please make at least a $5 donation to help the Estonian House. Whoever donates will get a $6 discount off an autographed copy of The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us (list price is $26). Come meet other Estonians!
Please RSVP:
Link: this video
You can read the key points here:

Francis Tapon - http://FrancisTapon.com/

http://facebook.com/ftapon or http://twitter.com/ftapon

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