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Shortly after Susan Peleikis bought her dream home, a fixer-upper on the edge of a shimmering postcard-worthy lake in Ontario’s cottage country, she stumbled across something that nearly made her heart stop.

Peleikis had been slowly transforming the ragged edges of the lake that almost encircles her Muskoka home into a lush shoreline garden when her shovel turned over something white and shiny. A closer look revealed a set of false teeth.

It would be a startling discovery for anybody, but for Pelekis it was downright chilling.

That’s because she’d heard the grisly rumours about Siding Lake. Locals believe four seniors who went missing from this area nearly 20 years ago were killed and dumped in the lake.

“I don't want to swim in the lake till I know where they are,” says Peleikis as she points to where she found the teeth at the lake’s edge.

“It's shallow, it's muddy, it's weedy,” adds her spouse, Scott. “You could make somebody disappear pretty easy, right?”
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