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Musician and music therapist Elena Lepik Estonian Life
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Andres Raudsepp
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The current visit to Toronto of music therapist Dr. Eve Lukk from Tallinn
naturally calls for parallels within the membership of the Estonian
community in Canada. In last week's article we managed to include a
brief description of a young practising music therapist from the GTA
working in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Elena Lepik received her Masters degree in the field two years ago and
we'd like to hear more about her as well. We're used to seeing and
hearing Elena in her family ensemble with her mother Liina and sister
Maarika, names we're familiar with. An accomplished musician on the
flute, she has played in two symphony orchestras.

We are now following up on the earlier interview with Eve Lukk (EE 10.03.17)
with a short series of questions - this time directed at Elena.

What is the main thrust of your activity as a therapist?
I brings me great joy to work with people through music and to see the
clinical progress made towards their individual goals from week to week.

What area in music therapy interests you the most?
Neurological Music Therapy is interesting to me as certain techniques
in music are facilitated to strengthen cognitive, sensory and motor
functions. When working with my internship supervisor, who has an
accreditation in NMT, I implemented a technique from this treatment
with a client who suffered from a stroke. After seven months of working
with this client, certain speech patterns were recovered. I hope to pursue
training in NMT in the near future as this area intrigues me.

And what about activity in your coextensive field of music?
I hope to achieve greater confidence in playing a wider variety of
instruments as I find the guitar and flute to be limiting at times when
improvising with clients. Currently I'm taking piano lessons to strengthen
my skillset and confidence. I hope to learn how to play other
instruments with time.

Could you explain the current music therapy tie-in with
psychotherapy in Ontario?
Currently I am working on my application to grandfather ("grandparent"
in current politically correct language - AR) into the College of
Psychotherapy in Ontario since music therapy has recently been
recognized under the practice of psychotherapy. The link between
psychotherapy and music therapy is fascinating as the modality of music
opens up pathways to one's emotions, memories, personal beliefs, etc.
Through music therapy, a client's voice can be heard as they strengthen
their own individual identity, understand emotional conflicts or past trauma. The current tie-in between psychotherapy and music therapy continues to
develop as the title of Music Therapy begins to mold into
"Music-Centered Psychotherapy."

Having mentioned Elena's musical activity at the outset, we'd like to add
some details about her professional work in K-W and Toronto. This
includes Long Term Care facilities such as Columbia Forest, Lanark
Heights and Suomi-Koti. She also supervises undergraduate and
graduate students at various clinical placements under the aegis of
Wilfrid Laurier University.

We're looking forward to meeting with Elena, Ellen Lindau and others
working in the field or in related areas (medicine, music, education, etc.)
at Dr. Eve Lukk's presentation/lecture on Wednesday, March 29
(7.00 pm) at Tartu College.
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