Much Has Changed Since Russia's Last Military Doctrine (1)
Arvamus 04 Mar 2010  EWR
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The text directly states that Russian military forces may be used to defend Russian citizens abroad, a point that was not in the 2000 version.
Danila Galperovich, RFE/RL

At the very moment when one part of the Russian establishment is cautiously welcoming a thaw in relations with the United States and NATO, another part of it (evidently the more influential part) has determined the North Atlantic alliance and its actions constitute one of the most serious threats to Russian security. This is made clear in the new military doctrine that was confirmed by President Dmitry Medvedev on February 5.

Moscow has been talking about the need for a new military doctrine since at least the autumn of 2006. At that time, Sergei Ivanov -- who was defense minister and deputy prime minister -- announced that a draft of the new doctrine was being worked out and that, compared to the version confirmed in early 2000, there would be some serious changes. Nonetheless, it took three more years to finish the new text, get it approved by all the relevant agencies, and have it confirmed by the head of state.

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