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Moscow’s most recent threats – are they silly, or serious? (2)
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It was the head of the Baltic States Institute of the Russian-led CIS countries research institute, political scientist Mikhail Aleksandrov who said: “…now the situation [regarding Syria] has changed, Russia has to impact there, where it will have a clear advantage, i.e. the Baltic states.” (The think tank is partially funded by the Russian foreign ministry.)

“Russia must show clearly to the west that for their aggression against Syria, they will have to pay dearly. … Russia has to raise the dilemma for the West: if you are attacking Syria in violation of the international law, we occupy the Baltic states,” he added.

Aleksandrov continued, “I think that the deployment of Russian troops in the Baltic costs minimal losses, if at all without a loss. … Moreover, I think that half of the population of Latvia and Estonia will meet the Russian troops with flowers, as it was in 1940.”

While Aleksandrov’s proposal was generally not shrugged off as a silly and impulsive emotional reaction to the Syrian crisis, Russian politician Vladimir Zirinovski’s similar reaction was taken as a childish outburst by a vulgar political clown who regularly vents outrageously ignorant tirades.

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