More than half a million people enumerated in the e-census
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Statistics Estonia, 24 January 2012
By the midnight of Tuesday, 24 January, more than half a million people had been enumerated online – this is 38% of the estimated population of Estonia. The census can be completed online only until 31 January.

“There are only eight days left until the end of the e-census – anyone who wants to complete the census online should bear in mind that now is their last chance to do it,” said Mr Priit Potisepp, Director General of Statistics Estonia. “People should not wait until the very last days to participate in the e-census, as the system load will be very high and the enumeration process could be slower.”

As of 00:00 on 24 January, the online Personal Questionnaires had been completed on 503,560 persons, which is 38% of the estimated population of Estonia. In percentage terms, participation rates are the highest in Tartu county (43%) and in Harju county and Tallinn (43%), followed by Rapla (39%) and Järva (38%) counties.

The number of enumerated persons by county can be seen on the census website at The census progress is updated hourly. It should be noted that the table published on the website includes people who have been enumerated twice. The data will be revised during the data processing after the census and each person will only be counted once.

The e-census questionnaires can be completed on the census website until 31 January. All permanent residents of Estonia aged 15 and above can complete the census questionnaires themselves. The questionnaires on children will be completed by their parents or guardians.

Should respondents have any questions about completing the census online, they can contact customer support by email at klienditugi at stat dot eeklienditugi at stat dot or by phone at 625 9100. The working hours of the customer support are 08:00 to 22:00 every day.

The census is conducted until 31 March. During the first month (31 Dec 2011 to 31 Jan 2012), the permanent residents of Estonia can complete the census online. Those who do not participate in the e-census will be visited by an enumerator in the period of 16 February to 31 March 2012.

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